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X-rayDigital X-Ray

We have updated our x-ray system to digital radiography. Instant viewing and computer manipulation of images allows for better diagnosis and treatment plans. DVD disc is an option for patients to take copies with them for personal records (fee for copy).


MLS Laser Therapy

Multiwave Locked System Laser Therapy is quickly becoming the standard of care in alleviating both acute and chronic pain. This patented, FDA-cleared technology has an 85% – 90% efficacy rate in relieving pain and inflammation, eliminates risk from surgery and prescription pain killers, has no negative side effects, and restores patients’ lives.


Acupuncture is the gentle insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body.  This process stimulates movement of energy within the body, allowing natural healing to take place.  Acupuncture helps to prevent illness by improving the overall functioning of the body’s immune and organ systems.  Read more about our acupuncture services here.


hotstoneMassage Therapy

Jackson Chiropractic Clinic has been a leader in the field of complementary care, including digital x-rays, infrared therapy, massage therapy and myofascial release.  The clinic is proud to now offer Hot Stone Therapy.  

Hot Stone Therapy  involves  placing smooth basalt stones, warmed in hot water, on the body.  Your therapist will use the stones to knead and stretch the muscles in addition to the use of oils and lotions.  Then the therapist will apply comfortable pressure to the stones driving the heat deeper into the body to aid in the relaxation of the muscles.  This style of stone therapy is called Japanese Hot Stone Therapy. 

Japanese Hot Stone Therapy allows the body to become more relaxed in a shorter time frame.  Relaxation is achieved through the use of heat, combined with other massage techniques.  The direct heat relaxes the muscles, which will make the massage more effective.  The stones vary in size, the proper size for you depends on the body location.  In the hour session, your knots, aches, and tension will melt away.

Jackson Chiropractic Clinic is proud to offer an introductory price for Hot Stone Therapy, so you can see the benefits for yourself!


car-accident-5Post-Accident Care

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident you may have been hit from behind or the side.  A low-speed collision (less than 10 miles per hour) can put forces 3-7 times the pull of gravity on your neck.  This can cause ligament, muscle and tendon damage.  Keep in mind symptoms from an auto accident may not appear for days, weeks, or even months after the accident.

When your tendons, muscles and ligaments are injured in an accident, they become the cause of  symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and headaches.  An additional danger is the formation of scar tissue in the injured area.  Once scar tissue forms, the pain and stiffness can become permanent.  Therefore we recommend a doctor supervised neuromuscular massage to help prevent the formation of scar tissues. 

In order to keep from having future problems, care must be given to the spine, muscles, and ligaments.  If you have been in a motor vehicle accident within the last 6 months we recommend a tension-alleviating doctor-supervised massage.  This will certainly help your muscles and ligaments heal and repair.  Repair physical body damage with a physical approach such as massage. 

Keep in mind that the Minnesota state No-Fault Law has coverage to help you get your body checked out at no charge to you.  This will help you receive the care you need.

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sportsinjurySports Injury Care

Injuries can happen in any type of sport...even low- or no-impact sports.  Whether you play your sports with a ball, a machine, an animal, or maybe just a good pair of running shoes, when you're injured you can't perform well and you're likely to just aggravate the injury and make things worse farther down the road.  If you've suffered any kind of sports injury, come and see us and let us devise a proper treatment program and a plan to get you back out there doing what you love - quickly and safely.


cox_tableDecompression Table

This therapy is non-surgical, doctor-controlled, hands-on spinal manipulation performed with the patient lying on the Cox table, a proprietary, specially designed chiropractic instrument. This table permits the effective administration of flexion-distraction and decompression adjustment and manipulation.


Electro_msElectrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

This therapy is the gold standard for reducing muscle spasms and pain.  Small amounts of electrical currents are sent through the muscles to make the muscles work. This causes the muscles to use stored energy. With the stored energy being used the muscles are forced to relax.


Treatment-kinesiotapeKinesio Taping

The Kinesio Taping Method is felt to cause physiological effects on several body systems. The systems affected by the body are thought to include the circulatory/lymphatic, neural, muscular, and fascial systems, as well as the joints. Kinesio Taping is currently being used by therapists to change muscle tone, move lymphatic fluids, correct movement patterns, and improve posture.


cupsCupping Therapy

An ancient method of applying heated cups to the skin, which cool and create a suction that draws the skin up into the cup, and causing the blood vessels to expand.  Used to treat pain and soreness, it can also be recommended for other uses.



A versatile therapy that uses very high frequency sound waves (1 million cycles/second) to reduce swellings, thus promoting healing in the soft tissues. The wave energy works on a cellular level to help tissues return to normal.


intersegmental-tableIntersegmental Traction Table

This therapy involves a table with rollers fitted to move along the entire length of the spine. The rollers gently mobilize various segments of the spine.  This table provides gentle traction of the vertebrae along the back and neck allowing overall relaxation of the muscles of the back and neck.


multivits1Nutritional Supplements

Proper supplements aid the body to function at a superior level. This is done by providing the proper building blocks the body needs. It is imperative that the supplements be of high quality, since they are not regulated by the FDA.  It is also important to discuss the use of supplements with your health care provider.


weight-loss-scaleWeight Loss Programs

Above all else, our primary concern for our patients is their overall health and well-being.  For some, getting to an appropriate body weight (and staying there) can be a challenge.  We can specify a safe and effective plan for you, including physical activity and diet & nutritional needs, to help you get to your ideal weight.