Pre-Conception Care

Regular chiropractic care helps prepare your body to conceive and grow a healthy baby. Adjusting the pelvis allows the pelvic muscles and ligaments to relax, creating a stress-free environment for conception and for your baby to grow. A healthy diet, supplementation, and chiropractic adjustments decrease inflammation in your body. Too much inflammation decreases hormones needed to conceive a baby. Adjusting the spine decreases pressure on the nerves that control your reproductive organs, allowing them to function at their best when you’re trying to conceive.

Prevent & ease common complaints and changes in pregnancy

  • Low back pain – A growing belly shifts your center of gravity forward and places extra stress on your low back. Adjusting the spine and pelvis can ease muscle soreness and pain.
  • Excess joint mobility – Pregnancy hormones (i.e., relaxin) loosens your joints causing instability and pain. Chiropractic adjustments help stabilize joints.
  • Headaches and Neck Pain – A constantly changing body and swollen breasts throws off your body’s posture, causing neck pain and headaches. Regular chiropractic care can relieve this pain and improve posture.

Webster Technique

The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic adjustment that reduces nerve system stress, balances pelvic muscles and ligaments, and optimizes the mother’s pelvic function in pregnancy and birth. In normalizing mom’s body mechanics and physiology, it allows for a better pregnancy and birth. The goal of an adjustment is to reduce interference to the nervous system and enhance normal body function for a safer, easier birth. Dr. Maya is a certified Webster provider through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

Post-Partum Care

  • Chiropractic care eases your lingering delivery pains and helps readjust your body now that your baby is out and in the world. We can prevent new pain by supporting good breastfeeding posture, rebuilding your core and pelvic muscle strength, and more. Even if you didn’t receive chiropractic care during your pregnancy, we can ease your current symptoms and prevent them from occurring in your next pregnancy.
  • Your baby works just as hard as you during the birthing process. Chiropractic care can help you and your new baby adjust to this new life. We can assist your newborn with sleep, colic, breastfeeding, torticollis, and more.

At Jackson Chiropractic Clinic, we have providers that specialize in pre- and post-natal care. Dr Maya Doroschak has a passion for working with pregnant women. Both our licensed massage therapists routinely perform pre- and post-natal massages.

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